About Us

How It All Began

Amara means eternal, unfading beauty, and here at Amara Soaps & Natural Skincare we create, as well as formulate, luxurious, natural handmade soaps, bath, face and body products…..for both Retail and Wholesale.

Many of our traditional bathing and facial soaps, together with our bath and skincare products have been inspired by nature, both in the UK as well as Yvette’s extensive worldwide travel to many long haul destinations, always taking immense pride in ourselves in producing genuine, high quality handmade and natural products.

The story began in 2009 when Yvette  started making natural soap following  one bout too many of eczema.  Amazed with the results, a new soap making hobby was born.  After receiving wonderful feedback from family and friends, she went on to explore, research, develop and create many different products.  With a deep love for natural ingredients, an inquisitive mind and boundless enthusiasm, Yvette finally had a product range with which she was happy, turning an obsessive hobby into a thriving business.

Amara Soaps & Natural Skincare made it’s debut in 2012

0% SLS,    0% SLES,   0% PARABENS

Cruelty free, no animal testing on our products or ingredients.

You will find us at local events, Country Fairs and Agricultural Shows.  If you spot Amara Soaps & Natural Skincare on your travels, please pop by to say hello, we love meeting our customers!

Skincare Pamper Parties for ‘Ladies who Love’ to get together with friends for fun, indulgence and to ‘Shop’ from home.  As a Hostess, you receive a commission of the total of your Skincare Pamper Party sales.